From new album Sociable Butterflies (2018):
​"The Giant" (Stan Rogers)


1. Amanda (Roger Tallroth) 3:29

A Swedish polska­­­ from one of our favourite composers, Roger Tallroth of the band Väsen. We think Amanda’s a very lucky girl to have had such a lovely tune named after her!

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3. Bučimiš (Trad. Bulgarian) 3:39

Guest: Nick Halley, percussion
Bučimiš (pronounced “boo chee Meesh”) is a traditional Bulgarian tune in 15/16 time, played for a particular Thracian dance that is performed low to the ground and in a line. Its title means “Hemlock”. 

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1. Fløteren / Byggnan (Annbjørg Lien and Bjørn Ole Rasch / Byss-Calle)

Fløteren (“The Log Driver”) is a fun contemporary tune by Norwegian fiddler Annbjørg Lien that attracted our attention because of its “floating” time signature. We pair it with Byggnan, a nearly 200-year-old Swedish polska by the venerated composer Byss-Calle (a.k.a. Carl Ersson Bössa, 1783-1847).

2. The ‘A’ Jig Set: I Won’t Do the Work / Mom’s Jig / Lady Nelley Wemyes's (Trad. Irish-Scottish / Jerry Holland / Trad. Scottish)

Guest: Allie Bennett, bass.

Copyrights for the above tracks: Fløteren © Annbjørg Lien & Bjørn Ole Rasch. Mom’s Jig © Fiddlesticks Music. Amanda © Roger Tallroth. La fée des dents © André Brunet. Awkward Annie © Kate Anna Rusby. 30-års Jiggen © Roger Tallroth & Warner/Chappell Music Canada.  All arrangements © 2018 and 2013, Papilio.

4. Awkward Annie / 30-års Jiggen (Kate Rusby / Roger Tallroth) 4:09

Guest: Darren McMullen, mandola
A wonderfully silly song from Kate Rusby that musically suggested a jig to use as an instrumental break. The 30-Years’ Jig was written by Roger Tallroth and dedicated to his Väsen bandmate, Olov Johansson, on the occasion of Olov’s 30th birthday.

2. La fée des dents (André Brunet) 4:23

Guest: Darren McMullen, mandolin
Anthony learned this lovely slow jig, the title of which translates as “The Tooth Fairy”, from composer André Brunet of the band De Temps Antan while sharing a stage at the Summerfolk Festival in Owen Sound, ON. When Anthony introduced it to us, we were immediately smitten with it.